7 Ways to make your pie finger licking good

Pumpkin Pies are delicious and the most craved desserts during holidays and special occasions and sometimes on normal days too.

Everyone loves pumpkin pies and those who deny this are just fooling themselves. They are quite straightforward to make and if you have the process right, you are bound to end up with a perfectly baked Pumpkin Pie.

Want your Pumpkin pie to be the most delicious pie ever? Just follow these simple tips and you are bound to get the desired result.

Preheat your oven

Make sure you always preheat your oven before baking your pumpkin pie in it. It takes just 15 minutes so while you are mixing up your ingredients, switch on the oven and let it get warm and nice so that when your do put your pie inside it, you will get a nicely baked golden-brown pie crust. Never skip on this step, preheating is the key to a perfectly baked cake.

Add a little shine to your crust

Everyone wants their pie to look great and shiny and you can achieve just that with the help of a little milk or an egg wash. Just cover your pie with some milk or egg wash before baking and then put the pie in the oven.

Lightly coat your pie crust with a pastry brush and ensure it doesn’t get soggy and when you take out your pie you will notice that it has a golden shiny look to it which will make it more appetizing to look at.

Pre-bake your crust

One of the best ways to make sure that your pie is crusty and not soggy is by pre baking your pie in the preheated oven before you add any filling.

This will make sure that your pie doesn’t get all soggy when you cook your pie with the pie fillings inside.

Use fresh whipped cream

Make a fresh whipped cream for your pumpkin pie and then add it as the topping. Store bought whipped cream has a lot of elements which do taste good but not as good as a homemade whipped cream. Your homemade whipped cream consists only of sugar and cream and that is exactly how it is supposed to be.

Use a little spice

Spice things up in your pumpkin pie by adding a little amount of cinnamon or nutmeg. It will provide your guests with a surprising taste and will definitely add more flavor to your pie.

But make sure you don’t put too much of a spice because that would definitely end up ruining your pie for good.

Add a little whole milk

Don’t be one of those diet conscious people and ruin the whole pumpkin pie in your calorie counting. Pumpkin pies are supposed to use whole milk as it provides a proper flavor to your cake and if you use a poor substitute for it, you can say goodbye to your perfect pumpkin pie. So don’t skip out on the whole milk, it is worth the extra calories.

Give it some time

It is good to make your pie one day before and then let it sit overnight. In fact, it would give the flavors to develop in your pie as this is one of those pies which taste better when at room temperature or cold. So save some time and bake it the previous night.

Still having trouble? Here’s how the experts make the crust


Information post :Types of Espresso Machines

Are you looking for a new Espresso machine for yourself? An ardent coffee lover will tell you how delightful an espresso is when you are feeling stressed or tired but buying an espresso every day could prove to be hectic and could burn a hole in your pocket. So, the better thing to do here would be to buy an espresso machine for yourself.

There are several types of Espresso machines that you can consider based on your needs and requirements.

Manual Espresso Machines

As the name suggests, in this type of espresso machines, the user needs to perform all the tasks manually which includes grinding coffee, applying water pressure, handling the amount of water being dispensed and so on. This type of espresso machine is a little more hard work than the other types as you have to take care of everything to get a quality cup of espresso. With this espresso machine, you need to be quite trained to produce a consistently delicious cup of coffee. Check best espresso machines under 500.

Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine

One of the most commonly used espresso machines which handle the water dispensing task itself and only requires the user to manually grind the coffee and tamp it down on the portafilter. Once the portafilter is attached back to the espresso machine, the user can relax and just press the switch on the button to start the brewing process. The machine will regulate the amount of water itself and will use an electric pump to produce the desired pressure which is required for brewing the espresso. This type of espresso machine is really popular in households as the users don’t have to perform a lot of tasks and it gives you a consistent quality espresso every time. Ninja coffee maker bar is one of the best example of semi automatic machines.

Fully Automatic Espresso Machine

This type of espresso machine is similar to a semi-automatic espresso machine but there is a slight difference between the two. In this type of machine, the user doesn’t need to perform any task manually. All you have to do is press the switch on/off button to start the machine and it will take care of everything like pressure, water volume, dispensing water, etc. This type of espresso machines are quite useful in busy households and can be effectively used for commercial purposes. Since the user only needs to push the button to brew an espresso, it allows you to take care of other tasks while it makes the perfect espresso for you. You are bound to get a consistent quality espresso with this espresso machine.

Super Automatic Espresso Machine

This type of espresso machine comes with a built-in grinder, automatic water filling capability and capability to dispense frothed milk which makes it popular in a lot of restaurants and hotels. As this espresso machine requires the least amount of human effort and all one has to do to get a nice, hot cup of espresso is to just switch on the machine. With this espresso machine, you would be relinquishing control of your espresso quality and taste and would be provided with a standard cup of espresso every time you use it.

6 customer service crimes destroying your restaurants reputation

If you run a restaurant you would know how important is a good customer service in making your customers happy and ensuring that your restaurant is popular and well-reputed.

One mistake from your staff could end up ruining your reputation and it would be a long time before you are able to earn it back. So make sure that you and your staff don’t make these following customer service mistakes:

Improper Greetings

One of the most common mistakes made by your staff is to not greet your customers properly and sincerely. It doesn’t matter how busy the staff is or if the restaurant is in a complete mess, always make sure that the customer feels welcomed and doesn’t feel like they are being ignored.

This goes a long way as the customer will only return if they feel that they were respected and cared for. So make sure that your staff always take the time to greet the customers warmly before doing anything else. A warm smile and a short “Good evening” or “Good afternoon” goes a long way.

Unable to help the customers

This is another of the most frequent mistakes made by your staff. When customers ask your staff for help, they trust their knowledge and would like them to help them out with their query.

It is important that your staff is able to answer every question that the customer asks to make them impressed by and more confident in their abilities.

So make sure you train your staff to be able to answer all the basic queries which also includes which food item and dessert to recommend. If your staff is unable to help the customers, customers won’t feel comfortable in returning.

Not providing with the Bill quickly

One of the most frequent things that customers complain about is the bill taking too long to come. Your customer is busy and doesn’t have all the time in the world, they might have somewhere important to return to so always make sure that they get their bill as quickly as possible.

Make your staff more efficient and quick in handing out the bills so the customer doesn’t have to wait a long time to make the payment.

Rushing to clean the table

One of the most frequent mistakes made by a staff member is to rush to clean the table even before the customers have properly finished their meal.

This action is highly rude and insulting and might end up offending your customers deeply. So make sure your staff knows that they need to wait and see and ask the customers before clearing the table.

Not providing refills to the customer

You might think that this isn’t an important task to keep in mind but let me tell you, the customer notices everything.

So if your staff doesn’t provide the customer with frequent water refills and doesn’t ask them if they want their drink to be refilled or not, the customer might become irritated with your service and choose not to come a second time.

Not able to handle difficult customers

One of the most important thing that your staff should know is how to deal difficult customers and their special demands. Many times in your restaurant career you would come across customers who are obstinate and demand the most impossible things but the key is how you deal with them.

You cannot be rude to a customer so you need to ensure that your whole knows how to deal with your customers politely and ensure that they keep all customers happy, no matter how difficult they are. 

Here’s a detailed guide on the technique and etiquette to be maintained when dealing with customers