6 customer service crimes destroying your restaurants reputation

If you run a restaurant you would know how important is a good customer service in making your customers happy and ensuring that your restaurant is popular and well-reputed.

One mistake from your staff could end up ruining your reputation and it would be a long time before you are able to earn it back. So make sure that you and your staff don’t make these following customer service mistakes:

Improper Greetings

One of the most common mistakes made by your staff is to not greet your customers properly and sincerely. It doesn’t matter how busy the staff is or if the restaurant is in a complete mess, always make sure that the customer feels welcomed and doesn’t feel like they are being ignored.

This goes a long way as the customer will only return if they feel that they were respected and cared for. So make sure that your staff always take the time to greet the customers warmly before doing anything else. A warm smile and a short “Good evening” or “Good afternoon” goes a long way.

Unable to help the customers

This is another of the most frequent mistakes made by your staff. When customers ask your staff for help, they trust their knowledge and would like them to help them out with their query.

It is important that your staff is able to answer every question that the customer asks to make them impressed by and more confident in their abilities.

So make sure you train your staff to be able to answer all the basic queries which also includes which food item and dessert to recommend. If your staff is unable to help the customers, customers won’t feel comfortable in returning.

Not providing with the Bill quickly

One of the most frequent things that customers complain about is the bill taking too long to come. Your customer is busy and doesn’t have all the time in the world, they might have somewhere important to return to so always make sure that they get their bill as quickly as possible.

Make your staff more efficient and quick in handing out the bills so the customer doesn’t have to wait a long time to make the payment.

Rushing to clean the table

One of the most frequent mistakes made by a staff member is to rush to clean the table even before the customers have properly finished their meal.

This action is highly rude and insulting and might end up offending your customers deeply. So make sure your staff knows that they need to wait and see and ask the customers before clearing the table.

Not providing refills to the customer

You might think that this isn’t an important task to keep in mind but let me tell you, the customer notices everything.

So if your staff doesn’t provide the customer with frequent water refills and doesn’t ask them if they want their drink to be refilled or not, the customer might become irritated with your service and choose not to come a second time.

Not able to handle difficult customers

One of the most important thing that your staff should know is how to deal difficult customers and their special demands. Many times in your restaurant career you would come across customers who are obstinate and demand the most impossible things but the key is how you deal with them.

You cannot be rude to a customer so you need to ensure that your whole knows how to deal with your customers politely and ensure that they keep all customers happy, no matter how difficult they are. 

Here’s a detailed guide on the technique and etiquette to be maintained when dealing with customers

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